Now exclusive from Amway, a range of premixes that allows you to enjoy your favourite dish without all the fuss. Idaman Suri Premixes. What is Idaman Suri? Its every cooks dream and just what food lovers would crave for.

Itís fuss free, healthy and adds an authentic taste to your every meal. Now with the help of Idaman Suri, everything is taken care of. Not only the lady of the house will be at ease but also you men and young adults will find cooking with Idaman Suri, pleasurable and so convenient.

Before Idaman Suri Premixes, all the hassle of preparing the food will leave the kitchen in a mess. Now with Idaman Suri Premixes only 2 easy steps are needed, not only, your kitchen will stay clean, but at the same time one will dish up a delicious home cooked meal for the whole family in a jiffy.

Idaman Suri premixes are in powder form. All you need to do is mix the premix powder with a cup of water until paste form, stir fry till fragrant with a little oil then pour in few cups or water (depending on the spices direction) and finally add in the meat, chicken or fish. As simple as that, your favourite dish awaits you.

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